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"Loved the story about a unique approach for a technology company at the CES Trade Show (September issue). More details, please!" -- James Kekanovich

"The April issue was extremely enlightening when applied to my real estate business. Thanks for sharing your expertise and insight." --
Dana Barron

"It's always interesting to read the background stories of how brand names are created. The article about Mr. Pibbs was great." -- Pete Carrillo

Marketing Resources

Cahill Consulting's informative and lively monthly newsletters provide strategic marketing tips for small- to medium-sized businesses. If you'd like to be added our list, just click here and say "add me!" Check below for our complete archive.

We've also listed some links and articles for your corporate or organizational marketing information. We hope you find it helpful, bookmark it, and check back frequently.

Our monthly newsletters are also archived. Please access them often and don't forget to give us feedback for future newsletter topics.

Cahill Consulting Monthly Newsletters:
Internet Marketing and the Principals of Marketing- July 2005 - Learn how the "Four P's" are being adapted to online marketing.
Advertising on the Internet's Baa-aack - June 2005 - In a big way. Read about how big in dollars and cents
What's a Blog and How Does it Help Me Market? - May 2005 - There is a tremendous amount of interest in blog by marketers from all industries. Learn a little bit about them here.
The How? and Why? of Search Engines Pt. 2 - April 2005 - Find out the how and why of search engines here.
The Who? What? and When? of Search Engines Pt. 1 - March 2005 - The first of two parts on the basics of Search Engines information. Be sure to read Pt. 2.
Create a Buzz For Your Company -
February 2005 - A great anecdote about a famous national brand that will get you thinking about generating buzz for your business.
4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get a New Client -
January 2005 - Everyone can use a reminder to help get some new business. Here are 4.
5 Ways to Put Your Website to Work for You - November 2004 - Five very specific things small or medium sized businesses can do immediately to build traffic to their site.
Avis Really Did Try Harder - October 2004
Get That Trade Show Buzz - September 2004 - How a medium sized company used a creative approach to promote their brand.
Learning From Morton Salt - August 2004 - A tried and true American brand name and how it survives.
Big Budgets Aimed at Online Advertising - July 2004 - Finally! The projections about online advertising come true.
Atten-shun! Ach-tung and Hey You! - June 2004 - Attention-getting marketing requires thought...
Thirsty for a Mr. Pibb? - May 2004 - Ever hear of Dr. Pepper's original brand name? Read about it here.
7 Ways to Keep Your Brochure Out of the Trash - April 2004 Writing Your Marketing Plan - March 2004

Marketing Links:
Harvard Business Online - a wealth of marketing information from the century-old university. - a marketing site by professors and professionals - practical marketing know-how and case studies - a searchable website with marketing information that everyone should know about - a comprehensive branding site

Marketing Articles and Information:
Marketing Wisdom 2004: Marketers share real-life tips.
Good Old Fashioned Online Branding: Apply the basics in branding to online marketing. Why not?
Seven Steps to Brand Led Marketing How to change your marketing tactics from hit and miss to strategic branding.
What Makes Brands Great A few thoughts on branding.



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